Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dosas in Dupont Circle

This lecture by Tyler is just what the Internet is for!

A talk which ranges from the anguish caused by the arrival of McDonalds in India, the joy of eating Dosas in Washington, how the development of Reggae was catalyzed by the increasing range of American Radio Stations, why Paul Simon was being provincial when he championed South African music, and how Doo-wop music shaped the music of Madagascar.

The wonderful music! Listen for the delightful version- wonderful violin, drums, voice- of "Be my baby" from Madagascar, the references to James Bond and Oceans Eleven in a 1960's song by Desmond Decker, that Tuvan throat singing version of Led Zeppelin's "When the levee breaks", and the story of how Bob Marley gave up music for a while and became an illegal immigrant and worked on the General Motors assembly line.

Addendum: not too much analysis. Only two references to the role of market size on the success of various traditions of music, and the only discussion of cost structures, etc is a very interesting answer to a question. The lecture is a wonderful series of illustrations.