Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Twitterstream 07 Feb 2012

My tweets and re-tweets today; hopefully use some of this in my blogging someday

RT @elidourado: More rapes committed in America against men than women. http://t.co/Puc1LcIB
RT @daniel_lende: Debt: The First 5000 Years – Extended Interview http://t.co/nFnr3WLO Great interview - 50 plus minutes with @DavidGraeber
RT @DKThomp: The Death (and Life) of Marriage in America http://t.co/xNcHoaPu cc @justinwolfers
RT @WiringTheBrain: I've got your missing heritability right here - or why geneticists are asking the wrong question: http://t.co/9hmY803r
RT @ModeledBehavior: The Deserving Poor http://t.co/Nzcm81pZ
RT @sciammind: RT @sebastianseung: "the mind is the music that neural networks play" Terry Sejnowski on CONNECTOME http://t.co/INvulnVs
Tsk tsk. RT @PennyRed: This is absolutely brilliant - Stock Photos of Women Looking Remorseful After Sexual Encounters http://t.co/7l3xoQDF
RT @harpers: “We are not revolutionaries in mink coats!” shouted one speaker. “I am!” replied a woman in a mink coat.—Weekly Review: http://t.co/VQh3JQj4...
RT @TwopTwips: MEN. Make it a Valentine's Day she'll always remember by simply forgetting it. (via @a_stoth)

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