Monday, October 16, 2006

Cell phones at sea

I first heard of this development in the Economist, but Greg Mankiw blogs that fishermen in my home state are taking their mobile phones to sea with them, and posts the abstract of a paper by Robert Jensen of the Kennedy School .

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amma :-) said...

Yes, it is not only the fisherman who goes fishing in deep sea on the 'kattamaram' that is making use of the cell phone(wraped in cellophane cover to protect it) but also his wife who brings the fish he has caught to the city to sell , is using it:-).The 'daily wage manual workers'who climb coconut trees,carpenters,masons and plumbers,construction workers,daily wage drivers who drive private cars -you name it- are using cellphones.
very useful to such people,who who have to be on the go always and independent too-their cell phone number is all the 'address' they give the people who are their customers.It sure has become an indispensable part of Keral's economy :-).