Tuesday, October 24, 2006


What are we supposed to make of this "news"?

There are 20 reported cases of HIV positive patients in the Patna Police hospital. Concerned by the rising numbers of HIV cases in the state police force, doctors have forwarded some suggestions to headquarters.

How many would be an acceptable number? Is this number out of proportion, considering how many people outside the Police force are HIV+?

They feel that all new recruits in the Bihar Police force should carry HIV negative certificates and that men presently serving in the force should undergo HIV tests. They also say that such tests should be carried out periodically.

What is the intention here? If this is good for the Police, why should this not be done for the general population as well?

Says Bihar Home Secretary Afzal Amanullah, "Doctors have reported that there has been a considerable rise in HIV positice (sic) cases among officers, not only among those ranked lower and constables, but senior officials as well."

Oh my goodness, not only petty constables, but officers as well? Intolerable. But why?

The real numbers of those suffering from the dreaded virus could be mind-boggling and the government's intervention is expected before the situation compeletly (sic) gets out of hand.

What should the Government do? Surely it can't be so difficult to ask a few questions when you are handed a story.

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