Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Vulgar managerialism

HT: Paul Kedrosky

Exactly why would someone pay that much to hear Jack talk?

Do they think time spent in his presence will make them better managers?

Do they wish to meet other up-and-coming managers (you are not going to find the CEO of IBM at this show), and is the entry fee a way of ensuring that they get to hobnob with just the people they came to meet?

Is it a way to signal to others that they can afford to go, or even better, that they can get their companies to pay for them to go?

Whatever the reason, the subject is not one for Economics, but for Sociology, of which Economics is a stream anyway.

I was reminded of this article by Paul Krugman in which Jack Welch makes an appearance, because these programs are both a cause and a consequence of the current exaltation of management, and the adoration of managers.

Bow Down Before Me

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