Monday, September 22, 2008

The mote and the beam

I got this map from Gulzar's excellent blog, and it shows the world as seen by a "typical" American. I think this is both quite true and a little unfair.

On the one hand, I am quite sure that the "typical" Indian would not be able to tell locate the fourth, fifth, or eighth most-populous countries in the world.

They should be able to locate the first, sixth, and seventh most-populous contries, since they are our neighbours, but I am not so sure they could locate this, or even this one.

Besides, the map below
is what a map of the states would look like if each state were a country with the same sized economy
and may also help explain why Americans have this trouble.

HT: Russ Roberts

Here is Gulzar on how to handle encumbrances on Government lands.

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