Tuesday, September 09, 2008


The FT's Tech Blog

Edison also believed the filament was the best method for generating light, while Tesla, the inventor of radio, advocated radio-frequency powered discharges.

I have just had a Tesla-like demonstration proving he was right, from a Silicon Valley company called Luxim.

On Monday, it released a solid-state high-intensity light source it hopes will be adopted in place of current TV studio lights and rigs used in theatres and concert venues.

Tony McGettigan, chief executive, put the light, powered by a single bulb the size of a large matchstick head, next to a standard spotlight and aimed them at colour cards. The Luxim light had the same intensity and rendered the colours truly while the spotlight gave them a washed-out appearance.
That picture above is of the CEO of Luxim, and he has a bulb in each hands. 

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