Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Pearl Jam

They have a new album out. Newsweek has the story.

Eddie Vedder writes songs on a manual typewriter, carries important papers in a 1940s suitcase, keeps his credit cards in a plastic Batman wallet and wears his beat-up lumberjack boots over a pair of blue argyle socks. He prefers to talk politics rather than Pearl Jam, and has a 21-month-old daughter who likes to sing Daddy's new single, "World Wide Suicide," during play group. "She dances around singing 'Suicide, suicide'," says Vedder, "and I have to wonder what the other parents are thinking."


John said...

Heard a piece on npr yesterday, where Neil Young, sick of waiting for young rock stars to come out with an anti-war album, was forced to came out with his own. he wrote all the songs in a rage, in March! Interesting, eh? Maybe the young rock stars have all gone "politically correct" or are forced to be that way by their record labels..

Jay said...

hey john
nice interesting take on Neil young album here at guardian,,1767410,00.html

Rajeev Ramachandran said...

I dunno much about Rock, folks, but did Rock ever have a tradition of protest? At least, since the end of the Vietnam war and "Mr President, have pity on the working man"? :-)
I spent last night at a Bangalore pub "Legends of Rock"
Some photos (Not by me!) here:
I loved the sound of the songs, but, the lyrics are solipistic in the extreme- as are most songs and poems in history. I mean, protest is an exception.

John said...

not necessarily rock... but there hasn't been any kind of grassroots protests that have really brought the war to the guy on the street's doorstep. I think the way dubya has controlled the media in what it's putting out about the war has been pretty good. We hear of the 2000 odd soldiers who died, but I was reading an article on the 20,000 that have been injured.. maybe if those numbers got out that'd jog some protesters out.. someone shud do a study on how dubya(rove) managed this.

John said...

oh btw.. you should watch stephen colbert's roast of bush at the correspondent's dinner.. dayammmn!