Sunday, May 21, 2006

Singapore's elections

Should have blogged about this long before now.

The reasons for the PAP's success are manifold, but the main one, as it never fails to remind voters, is that it has always kept its promise of efficient and clean government...

In part this is because of its obsession with seeking new talent, and its ruthlessness in turfing out established figures to keep its line-up of ministers and MPs fresh. Over a quarter of its candidates are new this time around; a similar proportion were new at the previous election, in 2001.

Private sector companies grow flabby and complacent over time- they have a hard time accepting outsiders, and need fierce competition to stay disciplined.
After 10 consecutive election victories in 40 years, how (and more importantly, why?) does the PAP stay clean and disciplined?
And unspeakably boring.

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